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What an amazing book!
Something along the line of, if you give me this arrowhead, I'll give you a portion of the kill I make when I use.
There ARE fake arrowheads and artifacts out there which some unscrupulous people try to sell as being authentic.The "grip" for using this tool is shown in the last photograph.Most modern men know how to change a tire on a car, and most know how to also change the oil in a car, but very few of these men would call themselves "Mechanics".It was everything I'd hoped for and more.For more information, See Jim Bennett's book on "Authenticating Ancient Indian Artifacts" How Clovis points were made Questions Answers - About the Native American Indians' Way of Life I'm often asked "Did all native American Indians make arrowheads?".And then, I immediately re-read it!This too is a "must have".They cheated!) 8) Micro-edgework was then done to "re-tip" the Folsom (This is why most Folsom's appear to have a "rounded" tip) 9) The basal edges and base were then ground in final preparation for hafting So, the answer to the original question.It appears as a thicker, and cruder (unflaked) section on the face of an artifact and often detracts from the artifact's value.Clovis points mark an era of the "Big Game hunters those tribes and groups of big-game hunters who pursued herds of (now extinct) animals to provide food for their survival.what sort of tool it is (Arrowhead, knife blade, scraper, etc.Here are their direct comments from some of our customers, used with their permission: 6/30/2014: Hi Terry, My copy of your book came last week, and i have to admit it's a much more powerful resource than I anticipated! .It first covers the legal aspects jeu casino sans depot avec bonus winner of our hobby (the author is a lawyer himself) and then it goes on to educate the reader about lithic types which were used for ancient tools, how artifacts were made and it also has a good section depicting.If there is a single item that the Native American Indians made which isn't pictured in this book, I have no idea what it could possibly.A beauty and the find of my lifetime I'm sure!But not too smart.
I believe that these were hafted in the center on the end of a stick with the curved edges of the crescent forming a frown when the stick was held upright.
We are fortunate to be able to offer one of these Californian publications on CD named "Digger's Digest Digger's Digest On CD!