dead space 2 eye poke machine

You're the third-liveliest dead man I've ever met!
A woman who decided to commit suicide in Soldier Township, Kansas shot herself in the head, survived, had second thoughts, and called 911.
In Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles, this occurs to the Shredder a grand total of four timesthree if you count the occasion that was retconned into Back from the Dead.
The Helmacrons shoot Marco's heart, rendering him ostensibly dead.Later in the story, he suddenly reappears anyway.Unfortunately Sauron detects him, and sends his will to locate him.At the end of season 3, Zane looks like he's been destroyed in the process of permanently defeating the Golden Master, but at the end of the episode uploads his consciousness into a new body based.I.X.A.L.Crichton gets a chance to poke the clone back once the neural chip's hardware is removed from his brain, naming him "Harvey" and tossing him into a dumpster just to show how impotent the clone now.In the Sherlock Holmes story "The Final Problem Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has Holmes commit a Heroic Sacrifice by throwing himself and the Big Bad Moriarty off Reichenbach Falls, but as we discover in "The Adventure of the Empty House he didn't actually die.Having "lived" through some pretty gruesome deaths (and remembering each and every one he thinks it's terrible.He collapses with no way of freeing himselfbut it's a mortal wound anyway.Because people with Power Born of Madness enjoy making oracles go mad.In Gunnerkrigg Court, baseline humans can't detect someone projecting their consciousness through a blinker machine a sous achat 1900 stone, but Renard warns Antimony that beings who exist in the Ether can see them just fine.In the game's start Eggman is apparently killed when his battleship explodes while he is.Rool, being beaten, punched, thrown from a cliff bouncing twice on the rocks on the way down and splashing into the ocean, then getting attacked by hungry sharks didn't stop him from showing up again as the secret/lost world boss, soaking wet and mad.
He loses that, getting hit by the Death Ball that blows up Planet Vegeta.